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we're still on!

For those of you wandering around this community and wondering if French translation is still on... well it is!

We're just very quiet... that's all.

But it shouldn't prevent you from coming over and say "hi" or give us a hand! :))

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I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind editing the French version FAQ 93 to remove all the information about converting communities to personal journals? That's no longer possible and it's really important that we remove anything that says it is. The English version of the FAQ tells people that they may either delete the community or transfer it to another maintainer.

Thanks in advance!

FAQ 62

I've sent a translation of the bottom part of the FAQ 62 to andy that offered to submit the change. He also added the rest of the English FAQ 62, which is a good idea, since the French FAQ only had about 20% of the info. The French FAQ 62 was very incomplete. (that's why there was a french request last week, because the information needed by the user was not in the FAQ) I will take care of it another time. Unless one of you decides to do it, after you took the time to look at what I wrote in French for the part about "Comment Threading" from that FAQ.

There was mostly one thing that was quite hard to translate: collapsed comments. The online translators all suggested: commentaire effondrées. It is ridiculous, obviously. I wrote "commentaire cachés" instead. If you think something else would fit best, I would be curious to know.

+ Also, I would like to know how I should submit any other translation that I will do next. Should I use the Source Codes of the FAQs or just write plain text ? I do not want to cause too much troubles.
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Community membership clean up

I just cleaned up the community membership a bit by removing all deleted and purged journals. (Deleted journals not yet purged, that is those who can still be undeleted, have been left here for now.)

If I messed up and ejected you and your journal hasn't been deleted, please let me know by commenting here.
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Writer's Block

Hi! A user opened a support request to report the following concerns about the French translation:


I don't know if this is the best category to send you this message, but I would like to inform you of a mistake in the French version of LiveJournal.

"Writer's Block" is now called "Quartier des Ecrivains" while "Quartier des Ecrivains" really means "Writers' Neighbourhood." In French, "Writer's Block" should be "Page Blanche de l'Ecrivain." Or maybe a more simple "Manque d'Inspiration" (meaning "Lack of Inspiration") would do better as the former phrase is not used as often in French as it is in English.

Keep up the good work,


2 French Versions ?

After answering a French request I noticed something confusing. If I add "uselang=fr" at the end of the FAQ 75 I see that the FAQ is still completely in English, but if I scroll down and select "Français" in the drop down menu "Change language:" the page is different and there is some part translated in French, as well as other information that is not even in the English FAQ.

So, it seems that there's two versions of French FAQs... I wanted to translate the FAQ 75, but in a version it's already done. How can I know which version I should translate and we cannot give a link the the French version that is associated with the drop down menu, unless there's another code to add after the URL of the FAQ ?
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First Translation from me

As a French Canadian, I finally decided to try my hand at translating. I don't know if this tool is still used, I saw that the only "Proposals" on the list are from 2008. I saved my translation in text files just in case. And since everyone here seems to simply paste the URLs instead of making a proper link, here it is:

If there's a better way to do this, please tell me. I've read the overview of the way you work, but things seems to change often here. For some reason, it would seems much more easy for me to take a FAQ and translate it completely.
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Looking for a little help with a French support request

Could someone translate this answer for us? You can reply here with the translation, or post it here if you'd like to pick up a few support points. I'd really appreciate the help!

This is the answer:

Thank you for contacting us. Your email address is not registered with LiveJournal. However, we've been receiving reports of emails with links to LiveJournal pages containing pornography or other unwanted content. I am very sorry that you are receiving those emails, but we are not sending them. LiveJournal only sends email from addresses.

From our ongoing research, we believe that the persons sending these emails are harvesting addresses from any number of web locations, external to LiveJournal, and then simply spamming those addresses with links to LiveJournal pages they have created.

We can suspend the accounts these emails are linking to if you provide us the LiveJournal link included in the email. However, while we can take action to remove LiveJournal pages that contain inappropriate content, there is no action we can take to stop the actual sending of the emails themselves, as this activity is occurring outside of our control. You may wish to adjust your email spam filters to help prevent receiving spam from this source in the future. For example, if you do not have a LiveJournal account, you may wish to create a block for all email that contains the phrase ''.

Small change

There is not a lot of action on this community, but I hope this is allowed, if not tell me and I'll delete it. Should I post this at lj_userdoc instead ?

I just answered this French Request on the Support Board and noticed that the French FAQ #6 does not include the HTML codes that are in the English version. Can anyone add them as soon as possible, please ? You do not need to be really good in French, it is mostly a copy/paste of the codes. It might be useful for the person that made the request. Thank you. I hope I'll be able to help you soon with the translations.
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