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FAQ 62

I've sent a translation of the bottom part of the FAQ 62 to andy that offered to submit the change. He also added the rest of the English FAQ 62, which is a good idea, since the French FAQ only had about 20% of the info. The French FAQ 62 was very incomplete. (that's why there was a french request last week, because the information needed by the user was not in the FAQ) I will take care of it another time. Unless one of you decides to do it, after you took the time to look at what I wrote in French for the part about "Comment Threading" from that FAQ.

There was mostly one thing that was quite hard to translate: collapsed comments. The online translators all suggested: commentaire effondrées. It is ridiculous, obviously. I wrote "commentaire cachés" instead. If you think something else would fit best, I would be curious to know.

+ Also, I would like to know how I should submit any other translation that I will do next. Should I use the Source Codes of the FAQs or just write plain text ? I do not want to cause too much troubles.

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