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LiveJournal en français / in French
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eclips1st From: eclips1st Date: le 28 juillet 2002 09:04 (UTC) (Lien)
there we go! I knew I hadn't seen you around before! (lol)

ok, quite simply, just click on a page on the left-hand side. Whichever one you want, right now, with only 5% done, chances are slim you'll fall on something done! Then it gives you stuff that isn't translated. Just Copy it in a word program (word, or notepad, or even in the downloadable lj client) and translate it there. then, post it in the community (by the way, most of what's been done is posted in friends only mode), we'll check it out, give comments, approval, criticism, anything, and then, when we decide it's good to be uploaded, I'll do it (you need privs to upload anyway).

Does that make sense?
From: 6sp Date: le 28 juillet 2002 09:18 (UTC) (Lien)
Gotcha. Thanks :) By the way I am on vacation in Florida right now, until August 9 but after I return to Michigan (where I have a decent internet connection!) I will be better able to help out.

(oh là là, y'a beaucoup à traduire!!!! mais je vous aide heureusement)
eclips1st From: eclips1st Date: le 28 juillet 2002 09:20 (UTC) (Lien)
don't worry about it, and thanks A LOT for your help!
7 opinions ou Partager votre opinion