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What can I do to help?

I know I've been "gone" for some weeks, but I'd like to help.
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eclips1st From: eclips1st Date: le 02 août 2002 11:18 (UTC) (Lien)
welcome back!!

Don't worry, we were all gone for some weeks!!!

Basically, what were doing now is translating as much as we can. Whatever is left we do. We post it in the community, and after three days, if most of the issues about word selection and such are resolved, we upload and move on. No more assigning pages, we just take it as it comes. For instance I always start at the beginning, sxgp does the end part, and diafoirus is translating pages around 35 or so.

The aim is simply to do as much as possible before the end of the month, because I think most of us will be going back to our regular lives then.


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