May 15th, 2002

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  • tisoi

Problèmes !

Oh boy... Ya des problèmes..

I think we shouldn't assign pages, because everything seems to move up. I worked on page 7 and 8, but haven't entered anything in... But someone did it seems to have moved up to earlier pages... There is no longer a FAQ on page 13.... hmmmmm...

Quoi faire ??
Animated Eclipse

(no subject)

ok, je sais que d'autres équipes de traduction on traduit "Livejournal" dans leur propre langue.....

Et nous?

Est-ce qu'on le traduit? Et si oui, à quoi?


Ah, et aussi, je suis en train de faire la page 1: "Friends Tools", c'est où sur le site? je ne sais pas exactement comment le traduire (Outils d'amis???) , et le contexte m'aiderais.


Et si jamais on hésite pendant qu'on travaille, ce serait bien si d'autres membres de la communauté pourrait se contacter rapidement, pour avoir un avis par exemple. Alors, moi je suis toujours sur MSN wuand je suis sur l'ordinateur, alors, n'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous le voulez. (

Translation teams

Hi all,
Sorry I haven't been around, life is fun, you know. ;)
OK, so first up, I have allocated two more privs to the team, tisoi and dulzura.
I have also made the translation teams. Team leaders will be written first, and the people they are working with following.

Group 1: eclips1st, lir, amitabhbachchan, the_man_stephen
Group 2: zombiegirl, faepuck, jrust, lavielavie
Group 3: tisoi, diafoirus, acerbic, indigo
Group 4: dulzura, vorspeise, bubbles360, sxgp

If you are not in a group and would like to be, please email me!

Now, on with the work, there was a post in lj_translate, about the use of a glossary table for reference. Here is an example of what lj_deutsch used. So, I would like you all to work on getting the glossary together ASAP.

Now, allocation of translation tasks (using
Group 1: Pages 1-4
Group 2: Pages 5, 6, 12 (which is a FAQ page)
Group 3: Pages 7, 8, 13 (which is a FAQ page)
Group 4: Pages 9, 10, 11, 35 and 36

The FAQ will take the longest, and I want to get all the other pages done before we really begin tackling the FAQ.

Privs: Please do not upload anything until you have the OK of the other privs and myself.

OK, any questions? ;)