July 28th, 2002

Animated Eclipse

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Now I've had enough of this community not doing anything.

So here we go: if you want to, go ahead, translate stuff. Translate anything (as far as I know, we have to do it all anyway.) Then, post it.

If within three days, no one says anything about how you translated, I'll upload it.

Questions? Comments?
Animated Eclipse

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Ah, et voici le link pour aller aux pages à traduire. http://www.livejournal.com/translate/edit.bml?lang=fr

Aussi, croyez-vous qu'on devrait uploader les traductions qui ont été faites par les autres groupes de traduction? J'ai uploader le mien ce matin, mais je n'ai pas osé uploader les autres encore.

Et si vous connaîssez quelqu'un qui parle assez bien le français et l'anglais qui voudrait bien nous aider (parce qu'on dirait que 75% de la communauté dort) invitez les!!!!!
Pangur Ban
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dulzara dit: "I think we've done it!! Thanks to everyone!! Now, we have to post the pages we were asigned to (because, as eclips1st pointed out, the pages are being moved)."
mais eclips1st dit: "I believe there are about 100 pages or so. Those translated show the translations (for instance, look around page 37, you can see what was translated.)"

nous devons traduire 100 pages (37-119) ou...just wait for someone to upload everything?