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Ce qu'on va faire...

I apologise in advance for this being in English, but written French just isn't happening for me at all today.

OK, so now that my University work has calmed down a bit, I have had a chance to sit down and think about how we're going to proceed.

We are currently 17 members of this community, which means 17 potential translators. Well 16, if I exclude myself as I am not intending on actually doing any translations. zombiegirl is helping me co-ordinate this project, so I ask that if you email one of us, that you CC the email to the other. Thanks.

There are, at this point in time, 4 people with translation privs. This is 4 people including me, so let's say 3 people. I would like to have a team of 5 people with translation privs, just to put the finalised translations up. The reason I want to restrict this is to avoid people going in and doing official translations before they are passed through here.

I am going to put a poll here, to get an idea of who wants to translate and who is just here to support and watch the proceedings. My idea is to put people into pairs and to allocate sections of the site to translate, they then bring their work back here for approval from the 5 privs and then it will be uploaded. I hope that makes sense.

The current privs are: eclips1st, boobirdsfly, and zombiegirl. I am after two more privs, and have a couple of people in mind who I will email individually to ask if they agree.

So, on with the poll:

Poll #33222 LJ en Français organisation poll

Are you a native French speaker?


Can you and if asked, will you help with translating?


If you are a native French speaker and wish to help with translation, would you accept to be paired with a non-native French speaker?

Only if necessary.

Do you have any other comments?

Thanks a lot.

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