Arrogant little girl (eclips1st) wrote in lj_francais,
Arrogant little girl

I just uploaded (about three days late..) 10 pages. So everything should have gone up ten pages. Also, I noticed lj added yet another few items, so things should be slightly off by 2 entries (this is basically for diafoirus when you upload!)

And when I was uploading cikkolaka's translations, I noticed that instead of using letters with accents staight out, coding was used. So to write "é", this was typed "& eacute" (I hope it won't just do the accent). And I was wondering if that would actually be better, and if I'm the only one simply using French settings on my kb to do all of this. If so, does that mean we have to go back and change everything (augh)?

Or, could we simply show cikkolaka how to add accents as part of the kb? (I use bilingual settings, it's a little confusing at first, but you get used to it ;o))

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