RinnyWee (rinnywee) wrote in lj_francais,

Translation teams

Hi all,
Sorry I haven't been around, life is fun, you know. ;)
OK, so first up, I have allocated two more privs to the team, tisoi and dulzura.
I have also made the translation teams. Team leaders will be written first, and the people they are working with following.

Group 1: eclips1st, lir, amitabhbachchan, the_man_stephen
Group 2: zombiegirl, faepuck, jrust, lavielavie
Group 3: tisoi, diafoirus, acerbic, indigo
Group 4: dulzura, vorspeise, bubbles360, sxgp

If you are not in a group and would like to be, please email me!

Now, on with the work, there was a post in lj_translate, about the use of a glossary table for reference. Here is an example of what lj_deutsch used. So, I would like you all to work on getting the glossary together ASAP.

Now, allocation of translation tasks (using http://www.livejournal.com/translate/edit.bml?lang=fr):
Group 1: Pages 1-4
Group 2: Pages 5, 6, 12 (which is a FAQ page)
Group 3: Pages 7, 8, 13 (which is a FAQ page)
Group 4: Pages 9, 10, 11, 35 and 36

The FAQ will take the longest, and I want to get all the other pages done before we really begin tackling the FAQ.

Privs: Please do not upload anything until you have the OK of the other privs and myself.

OK, any questions? ;)
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