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Arrogant little girl

Things to do when you post things you translate -it's not complicated, trust me!

Hi! I really hope people do come around because we really need it now! So welcome (if anyone new ever reads this... ;o) )
First of all, to know what we have translated, and so we know where to upload your things, you have to go here: . This page is where all the translation happens. The pages on the left are things left to translate (when the severity (top left) is at 1+), BUT, you will notice that we have been posting pages. Often, those are pages that we translated, but haven't updated yet because we give about 3 days to other people in the community to comment on the translations to correct mistakes (word-order, spelling, word-choice, etc. -We all go through it). So when you go to this page, try to look beforehand if the pages have been translated (just look in the community, we ALWAYS put the page number on top of the translations)

So when you post, you should give us the page where you took this from. Also, when you post, always make sure you give both the English and the French. This is because I'm lazy. ;o) No seriously, we just like to check for meaning, and having the English right next to it helps a lot. Always remember that whatever you translate will be spell-checked and meaning checked by other people, especially by native-speakers of French. If you are a second-speaker of French don't feel bad about it, we all go through it, and we even fight amongst ourselves sometimes about the word-choice. And I encourage you to do it also since all opinions would help us!

Always keep in mind that you can't upload things yourself. Only diafoirus and I can do that (as well as some users that aren't around much.) When you post things, we'll wait three days for everything to be checked by other users and then upload it. If you do have privs, please respect this. You can go ahead and upload your own translations after, but please give people three days to comment on it.

Also, we have this annoying habit of posting translations in friends-only. I'm not sure why we do it, but we usually all do! Also keep in mind that translations tend to flood friend's pages, so if it's really long, try to lj-cut it.

When you have links/html in what you are translating, include it too. For instance you'll get stuff like "Add [[user]]" which would be "Ajouter [[user]]", or stuff in bold and etc. Always keep the html as it is. If you don't, it won't work!

Here's the page to our "Lexique" of most common terms. We try to stick to it, but circumstances sometimes make us choose a new term. ( ) Also, as we went along with the translation we decided on using other terms, or some terms became of use which did not even need to be considered at the beginning of it all in May. So simply ask us if you feel there must be a word we use, or go with your own, and we'll tell you what we think.

And also, each time we update stuff, pages below the ones translated move up. So for instance, if Iam updating about 20 pages everything below will move up just as much. (page 36 wil become 16 for instance). So don't worry if you can't find what you translated last night, we'll find it when we upload it, or just look a few pages above.

So welcome! Help will be greatly appreciated!!

If you have questions, comment, or you can try to reach me on msn or by e-mail at

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