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Problèmes ! - LiveJournal en français / in French — LiveJournal
Problèmes !
Oh boy... Ya des problèmes..

I think we shouldn't assign pages, because everything seems to move up. I worked on page 7 and 8, but haven't entered anything in... But someone did it seems to have moved up to earlier pages... There is no longer a FAQ on page 13.... hmmmmm...

Quoi faire ??
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rinnywee From: rinnywee Date: le 15 mai 2002 13:35 (UTC) (Lien)
Privs please DON'T DO THE TRANSLATIONS ON THE PAGES... Copy what you need to translated into Word or Notepad or whatever and do it there.
eclips1st From: eclips1st Date: le 15 mai 2002 18:46 (UTC) (Lien)
the weird thing about that is that we all agreed (me semble en tout cas!) of posting everything here before to get the approuval, and I know i haven't given mine to anything yet, sooooo....
rinnywee From: rinnywee Date: le 15 mai 2002 13:37 (UTC) (Lien)
Also, it doesn't matter if the content of the page has changed, still do the page number you have been assigned. I am keeping a count of what page numbers are being done...
calliste From: calliste Date: le 16 mai 2002 16:29 (UTC) (Lien)
Stupid question here, but shouldn't you consider assigning certain FAQs (i.e. some parties do the FAQs about customization, some the ones about communities and so on) because it wouldn't be too hard to find them in the translation interface (when searching for the FAQ numbers) or assigning certain pages? This would avoid confusion, since the page content will change everytime you translate something.

I also posted in lj_translate a while ago with a few of my observations about the translation interface. I'm sure you all have figured it out in the meantime, but in case you have questions, you can refer to it as well:

4 opinions ou Partager votre opinion