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Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.noanonpost
Sev: 3

English (LJ): - this user has disabled anonymous posting.
French: Cet usager n’accepte pas les messages anonymes
Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.noautoformat
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Don't auto-format:
French: Pas de définition automatique
Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.noimage
Sev: 3

English (LJ): No Image
French: Pas d’image
Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.preview
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Preview
French: Consulter avant envoi
Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.subject
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Subject:
French: Sujet
Code: /talkpost.bml.opt.submit
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Post Comment
French: Envoyer un commentaire
Code: /talkpost.bml.paraformat
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Paragraphs will be automatically formatted by default.
French: Les paragraphes seront automatiquement définis par défaut
Code: /talkpost.bml.postresponse
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Post a comment in response:
French: Répondre
Code: /talkpost.bml.title
Sev: 3

English (LJ):
Post Comment
French: Envoyer
Code: /talkpost_do.bml.error.badpassword
Sev: 3

English (LJ): Incorrect password given for the username specified. You can recover your password here if you've forgotten it.
French: Mot de passe incorrect pour l’usager spécifié. Si vous avez perdu votre mot de
passe, vous pouvez le retrouver ici : ici

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